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Imagine having your auto repair done at your home, your business, or wherever you may be, instead of waiting  around at a shop. Imagine it no more with our professional, courteous mechanic in Spring Hill with full service auto repair in Spring Hill at your convenience! 

Is your vehicle not stopping like it used to? OUR SPECIALTY!!! Our name says it all! Our ASE certified safety technicians are fluent in all automotive languages in braking, steering, engine performance, acceleration and much much more. Check engine light on? NO PROBLEM !!!  Let us come to you, that means less cost to you and in the convenience of your own home or office. FULL SERVICE, courteous, affordable professional repairs performed at your convenience quickly, cleanly, expertly, and most importantly…inexpensively! ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified with over 25+ years experience.

Some of our services include:

Brakes, oil changes, tune ups, shocks, struts, transmission repair, fleet maintenance, and engine repair and overhaul.

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Spring Hill business brings auto repairs to customers’ driveways!

One of his customers counted on his fingers the mechanical repairs to his wife’s “nuisance” car tune-up, wheel alignment, brakes, transmission flush, belts, wiper blades — and to his motorcycle — lights, battery, oil change, speedometer — all performed in his own driveway. This customer is a veritable cheerleader for Joseph the mobile mechanic who drives his business, Gimme A Brake! to doorsteps throughout Hernando County and portions of Pasco and Citrus counties. After receiving a phone call, Joseph equips his full-size, club-cab pickup with the tools and parts he knowledgeably figures he’ll need for the particular job. With 25+ years of experience in corporate auto mechanics, he has dealt with most automotive issues.

“It’s the convenience factor,” Joseph said of launching his mobile operation six months ago. Plus, he had noted the frustration on the faces of customers pacing repair-shop waiting rooms, sometimes for hours. And he’d unhappily observed not only bait-and-switch come-ons for services, but also unwarranted “repairs” when a bit more skill and common sense by the mechanic would have proven some actions superfluous. For instance, Joseph’s handheld computer scanner, when connected to the main computer terminal of the customer’s car , revealed six alerts. But through their interdependence, they actually indicated only three problems. Joseph explained to his customer that this was causing the car’s on-again, off-again cavitation. The customer shook his head, realizing he easily could have been billed for six adjustments or replacements. Instead, Joseph explains the reason for each repair that he does. The customer can interact with him. “I see it all,” the customer said. “He explained it to me. I can’t say enough good things about him.”

Joseph said customers appreciate having contact with only one mechanic, rather than several throughout a shop, or with a salesman. “In a garage, you don’t know who you’re dealing with. With me, it’s me,” Joseph said. He added: “I like to make it more personable. And you’re more comfortable in your own environment.” In addition to his labors in a customer’s driveway, Joseph can handle most issues: drive trains, electrical work, exhaust, fuel, navigation and air-conditioning systems, and tune-ups. He can take out an axle, pull an engine and do a swap. “When I leave, it’s clean,” he added. He also will perform a bumper-to-bumper inspection, a plus for a customer considering the purchase of a used vehicle. While Joseph’s seemingly magical scanner will diagnose problems associated with increasingly computer-managed engine operations, he added, “As vehicles evolve, so does your knowledge. I keep up with new models and new tools.”

Joseph charges by the hour and the job. If a repair is called for, the up-front time fee is folded into the repair cost. Although his I-come-to-you service is his wow factor, Joseph said his fees generally are lower than those at garage shops and dealerships. Angela manages the office for her husband and keeps in touch with him via cellphone on the road, alerting him to emergency needs. Joseph wears and advertises the highly prized ASE logo, signifying his Automotive Service Excellence certification, a national honor earned through examinations.

This customer, explained why he recommends Joseph . “In my opinion he’s the best in Spring Hill.”

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